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List of Projects With ElectricityTariff Related Work

Tariff Study and Tariff Plan, Ghana (2016-18)
Tariff Specialist on the Regional Power Transmission Project - Sector Operational Performance Improvement, Tajikistan (2013, 2015-17)
Advisory services to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (2015)
Impact of electricity tariffs on the poverty and the social situation in Cote d Ivoire (2012-14)
Electricity Tariff Study, Botswana (2010-11)
Study on Interruptible Tariffs, Saudi Arabia (2009)
Tariff Regulatory Reforms for the Federal Grid Company, Russia (2006-07)
Electricity Tariff Study, Kenya (2006)
Establishing & Launching the Palestinian Electricity Regulation Commission, Palestine (2005)
Cost of Service Study, Pakistan (2004-05)
Energy Infrastructure Services Project (EISP) II, Uttar Pradesh, India (2002-05)
Energy Regulatory Framework Study, Azerbaijan (2003-04)
Advisory services to the Sichuan Electric Power Corporation, China (2000-04)
Energy Infrastructure Services Project, Madhya Pradesh, India (2001-2002)
Electricity Regulatory Framework Study, Palestine (2001-02)
Regional Energo Pilot Projects, Republics of Komi and Samara, Russia (1999-2001)
Kamchatka Energy Sector Development and Restructuring Program, Russia (2000)
North Power Transmission Project, China (1998-99)
Analysis of proposed Hydro Quebec production tariffs, expert witness, Canada (1998)
Tariff study for EDH, Haiti (1997-99)
Power sector restructuring project, Armenia (1996-97)
Reform of the power sector in the State of Orissa, India (1994-96)
Technical Assistance to the National Energy Policy Office of Thailand (1990-94)
Assistance to Maritime Electric Company, Limited, Canada (1989-94)
Consultant to the ADB on electricity tariffs, Thailand (1993)
Assistance in tariff related matters to TransAlta Utilities, Alberta, Canada (1992)
Rural electrification study, Haiti (1986-89)
Least-cost development plan for JIRAMA, Madagascar (1988-89)

Approximately 10 costing and/or pricing studies conducted over 1981-1990 for:
  Maritime Electric, PEI, Canada
  Newfoundland Light and Power, Canada
  TransAlta Utilities, Alberta, Canada
  New Brunswick Power, Canada