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Projects in Azerbaijan

At various points in time, I have worked on three projects in Azerbaijan, each quite different from the other. They included: (i) a role as electricity tariff specialist in an Energy Regulatory Framework Study funded by the World Bank; (ii) Team Leader in a power distribution system planning study in preparation for a loan from the ADB as well as a follow-up study a few years later; and (iii) economic and financial specialist in work to promote renewable energy technologies in the country, funded by UNDP. They are described below.

Project:                Energy Regulatory Framework Study

When:                  2003 to 2004

Client:                  Nexant, Washington, DC, USA

Ultimate clients:     World Bank
                             Ministry of Economic Development, Azerbaijan

As part of the larger project to establish a framework for establishing a regulatory agency for the power and gas sectors of Azerbaijan, I was engaged on the project as electricity tariffs specialist. My tasks included the following:

  • Development of principles for guiding the formulation of electricity tariffs in Azerbaijan
  • An analysis and critique of existing electricity tariffs in the country
  • Proposing a roadmap, timetable and schedule of activities for the development of cost based electricity tariffs in Azerbaijan
  • Assistance to the World Bank in developing tariff related conditionalities for their loan agreement with the Government of Azerbaijan

Project:                Power Distribution Development Investment Program

When:                  2009 to 2011

Client:                  VisionRI, New Delhi, India

Ultimate clients:     Asian Development Bank (ADB)

I was Team Leader and Distribution Planning Expert on a project preparatory assistance study for the purpose of availing of a $500 million credit facility available from the ADB for investment in new electricity distribution facilities. I was primarily responsible for leading a team of technical experts in project definition, cost estimation, economic/ financial analysis and due diligence on environmental and social aspects as well as on Government policy matters. The loan never materialized and I went back a few years later to undertake an economic and financial analysis on basically the same project.

Project:                Promoting Development of Sustainable Energy in Azerbaijan

When:                  2011

Client:                  United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Baku, Azerbaijan

Ultimate client:     State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources, Azerbaijan

I was economic and financial specialist in a project to promote the development of renewable energy technologies in the country, including wind, solar and biomass. Specific tasks in my terms of reference included: i) international cost comparisons, ii) estimates of likely costs in Azerbaijan and iii) development of a methodology for assessing economic and financial viability of selected projects, which included, among other sub-tasks, the derivation of feed-in tariffs.