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Arvid Kruze, B Eng, MBA
International Power Sector Consultant

Financial and Economic Analyses
Electricity Tariffs
Team Leader / Project Manager

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
+1 (514) 484-8050


I have included this section to address various topics in which people who come across this site might be interested. I can think of a few such topics, judging from the keywords being used in search engines that direct people here.


Electricity Tariffs

Click here for cost of service studies

Click here for marginal cost pricing


Economic Analysis of Hydropower Projects

Economic analysis of projects being studied by development agencies, and, specifically, hydropower projects, should be straightforward, as this exercise has been undertaken on numerous occasions by consultants as well as development agency staff. However, in reviewing various work, I have come across a methodology called the Equivalent Thermal Plant method, which I find questionable.

Why the Equivalent Thermal Plant Method is Fundamentally Wrong