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Team Leader Experience

Team Leader, Mid-Term Performance Evaluation of the EC-LEDS Clean Energy Program, Georgia (2016-2017)
Team Leader, Performance Evaluation of the Regulatory and Energy Assistance Program in Bosnia-Herzegovina (2013)
Team Leader, Programmatic Impact Evaluation of the Energy Sector in Kosovo (2012)
Team Leader, Economics and Finance, Nigeria Power Sector Transaction (2011)
Team Leader, Power Distribution Development Investment Program, Azerbaijan (2009-10)
Chief, Financial Analysis, Kohala and Karot Hydropower Projects, Pakistan (2008-10)
Team Leader, Power Sector Development Plan Project, Papua New Guinea (2007-09)
Small to Medium Hydropower Development Project, Afghanistan (2006-07)
Energy Infrastructure Services Project (EISP) II, Uttar Pradesh, India (2002-05)
Project Manager, Winneway Hydro Plant Acquisition Study, Quebec, Canada (1995-97)
Task Leader Tariffs, Reform of the power sector in the State of Orissa, India (1994-96)
Project Manager, Load Research Study, Maritime Electric Company Limited, Canada (1991-94)