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List of Hydro Feasibility Studies

Kohala and Karot Hydropower Feasibility Studies, Pakistan (2008-10)
Prefeasibility studies for the Power Sector Development Plan Project, Papua New Guinea (2007-09)
Small to Medium Hydropower Development Project, Afghanistan (2006-07)
Inginiyagala Hydropower Rehabilitation Project, Sri Lanka (1999-2003)
Chalillo Project, Belize (1997-2000)
Kablangan Hydropower Project, Philippines (1998-2000)
Cinera Water Supply and Hydropower Project, Colombia (1999)
Zabkhan Hydroelectric Project, Mongolia (1998)
Huascaran Feasibility Study, Peru (around 1998)
Bilin Hydropower Study, Burma (around 1998)
Winneway Hydro Plant Acquisition Study, Quebec, Canada (1995-97)
Wamakaru Hydropower Development, Guyana (1981-82)
Tumatumari Hydropower Development, Guyana (1981-82)