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Tajikistan - Electricity Tariffs and Other Work

Projects:              Regional Power Transmission Project - Sector Operational Performance Improvement
                            Golovnaya Hydropower Rehabilitation Project
                            Nurek Switchyard Project - Project Completion Report

When:                  2013 - 2017

Clients:                 Corporate Solutions, Asian Development Bank

Ultimate client:     Government of Takijistan

Since 2013, I have been involved in a few projects in Tajikistan, the main one of which is an "operational improvement" project to nudge the country's electricity supply industry towards much-need reforms. Under this project, as Tariff Specialist in 2013, I developed a revenue requirements and financial forecast model as well as a cost of service model from which theoretical cost-based tariffs could be calculated. I was called back in 2015 to update my work, which I did, in addition to developing a Tariff Policy and a corresponding Tariff Methodology for the Government's consideration. The last I heard (mid-2017), the Policy was actually adopted by the Government and the Methodology was being examined, so it appears there has been some progress...

Since 2013, I have undertaken about ten trips to Tajikistan, most of them in connection with the above work. Two other projects arose over the period, including a feasibility study for rehabilitating the Golovnaya hydropower plant and a Project Completion Report for the Nurek hydropower plant switchyard. For both of these assignments, my role was Economic and Financial Specialist.