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Evaluation Work

When:                  2012 to 2013

Clients:                 Various

Ultimate client:     USAID

Since 2012, I have undertaken three performance/ impact evaluations of projects funded by USAID in the energy sectors of Kosovo, Armenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Project evaluation is generally a specialized field. However, I entered this area through the back door as a result of my energy/ power sector expertise. The first such analysis I undertook in Kosovo probably led to the others.

In brief, the three analyses undertaken over 2012-2013 were:

  • Kosovo, 2012. I led a team of three people in an impact evaluation of five USAID energy sector projects in the country over the previous five years. The projects varied, and included: (i) assistance in managing the local power utility, (ii) energy sector advisory services to the government of Kosovo and the power sector regulator, (iii) environmental analysis of energy projects, and (iv) capacity building through partnerships with US counterparts.

  • Armenia, 2012. I was lead evaluator on a team of two people who undertook a performance evaluation of the ESRI (Energy Security and Regional Integration Program) Project. Here, too, the services provided by USAID were varied and basically included support and advice that had taken place over the previous five years on nuclear power, renewables and regional integration.

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2013. The project, called the Regulatory and Energy Assistance Program (REAP), was a five-year project designed to lead the country towards integration into the Southeast Europe regional electricity market. I led a team of three people in assessing the extent that the project had helped in achieving this goal.