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Arvid Kruze, B Eng, MBA
International Power Sector Consultant

Financial and Economic Analyses
Electricity Tariffs
Team Leader / Project Manager

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
+1 (514) 484-8050


For over 30 years, I have been working in the electricity supply industry as a consultant, mainly on projects financed by development agencies, providing expert services in areas of economic and financial analyses, electricity tariffs and capital project evaluation. I take pride in the high-quality work I deliver to my clients.

Although neatly classifying projects into well-defined categories is sometimes not that straightforward, I have generally provided assistance in four areas:

1.  Economic and financial analyses of capital-intensive infrastructure projects. In particular, I understand hydropower developments quite well, an area that really requires an appreciation of the technical aspects of the hydro project, as well as the power system in which it operates. For a complete list of hydro projects in which I have been involved, click here.

2.  Tariff studies, including all related analyses leading up to tariff design for the electricity supply industry. This includes determination of revenue requirements, cost of service studies, marginal cost analyses and detailed tariff design. Historically, this has been the specialty area that has brought in most of my work, as may be seen from this list of tariff related work in which I have been involved.

3.  Team leadership on power sector projects. I have effectively managed teams of multidisciplinary professionals, including both consultants and client staff. This has included not only projects of an economic/ financial analysis nature, but also very technical engineering oriented projects. My Team Leader/ Task Leader/ PM experience is summarized here.

4.  Performance evaluations of energy sector projects undertaken by development agencies. While evaluation is usually the realm of evaluation specialists, sometimes it is best to have someone who knows the energy sector and its technical intricacies to lead such efforts or to be involved as a power industry specialist. I have been involved in five such evaluations since 2011.